5th Sep 2013

Minna and David

Minna was one of our 'lucky 7 brides day winners' so enjoyed an appointment filled with goodies, freebies and cake!! Minna married David on June 29th 2013 in a Jesus Peiro gown. Doesn't she look absolutely gorgeous!!!! Congratulations Minna! xXx

Minna wrote to us;

My Jesus Peiro dress was AMAZING! I loved wearing it, so comfortable and I got so many compliments, best being "you look more gorgeous than any of the royal brides in recent years" ...ok that was probably an overstatement, but I did feel very beautiful in that dress. So a big thank you to Mandy for presenting this dress to me...it was not what I came to buy, but I am so happy I did not end up buying what I came to buy. Jesus' dress was just perfect for me!

 Thanks again for great service White Mischief!




Dress: Jesus Peiro
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