22nd Jul 2013


When Caelia arrived at White Mischief, she knew she wanted a dress that would make her feel like a princess. She tried on a few big 'princess-y' dresses, only to feel over the top and silly. They kept making her look wider and shorter. Not showing off her best bits in the slightest. 

Caelia has a lovely hour-glass shape and so her consultant suggested she tried Augusta Jones' 'Judith', as it has a built in corset that comes down quite low so that it would show off her whole waist rather than cutting her in half like the other dresses did. It had that little touch of sparkle and lace she liked, but wasn't truly sure if she would like lace all over.
As soon as Caelia put on the dress, even before it was done up, she knew it was the one "I love it! This is the one!"

Caelia personalised her gown slightly by having the underskirt made as an A line, as it comes with a fishtail underskirt and A line lace skirt as standard. This fattered her shape a lot more and gave her the fullness she desired. She also opted for a more defined sweetheart neckline, as this suited her a great deal more than dipped.

In order to compliment her gown, Caelia chose our full length, soft English tulle veil with beaded edge along with blusher for that traditional look. The beaded edge caught the light beautifully on her wedding day and the full length of the veil gave real impact when she walked down the aisle.

Congratulation Caelia, the photos are fabulous!

Love from the WM girls







Dress: Augusta Jones Judith
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